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JBHS wants to make your dreams, or ideas, a reality. We tackle the "honey do" jobs that never seem to get done, and the big jobs that you might not want to do.
  • Maybe you've been thinking about how great it would be to have a nursery for your soon-to-be new family addition.
  • Or how much cooler it would be if the basement was finished with an excerise and game room.
  • You know the kitchen would look a lot better if we had new tile or linoleum.
  • A new tile backsplash could change the entire look of your kitchen.
  • Maybe for Dad's birthday we could add all of the shelving he has been talking about in the garage.
  • Not to mention, that privacy fence sure is looking bad out by the pool.
  • Or a new addition to your house.
  • The bathroom needs a big improvement at the retail store, restaurant, or convenient store.
  • The office and conference room really need painted with new colors.
  • Time to replace the faucets, receptacle covers, some lights, and switch covers to make the house ready to sell.
  • The rental property needs the quick 1-2-3 to be ready for the next occupant.
I am sure that some people could add several more things to this list, and never have the time to finish any of them. That is what we are here for. With todays schedules getting tighter and the amount of free time growing smaller, it would be really nice to spend what little free time you have with a loved one or your family. So contact us today, and let us take care of that for you. You might just remember what having some free time for yourself can be like.

Proud Member of the ACHP
Association of Certified Handyman Professionals

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